Leaving WordPress

I have been a WordPress user and blogger for 10 years (2008-2018). But, unfortunately, this will be the last post in this blog. The recent “upgrade” of the WP editor does not suit my views for this blog. However, I will maintain the other blog I write – Fajãzinha Watermill – which will continue here,…

University of Évora’s Day

As in former years, November 1st has a post dedicated to the commemoration of the foundation of the University of Évora, on this day in 1559. This is where I entered in 2006 for my Licenciate Degree and, again, in 2015 for my PhD. Last year’s post with some photos of this beautiful building. The…

Paper at Conferências CESEM/UÉvora 2018

Next October 31st (Sala dos Espelhos, Colégio Mateus d’Aranda, 14h00) I will give a brief presentation on one of the works by Diogo Dias Melgaz, the four-voice a capella motet Memento homo, for Ash Wednesday.

Portuguese Religious Heritage Day

Last October 18th, with activities until the 22nd, was the National Day for the cultural heritage of the church (in Portuguese, Dia Nacional dos Bens Culturais da Igreja), a series of events promoted by the dioceses, parishes, and museums to present the vast artistic heritage of religious nature extant in Portugal.

Edition of Works by Matheo d’Aranda

In 2014 I prepared an edition of Mateus d’Aranda surviving polyphonic works for the number 11 of the Polyphonia series of musical editions for the Edições MPMP, published by Movimento Patrimonial pela Música Portuguesa.

Review for magazine Glosas online

The second review I wrote for the online edition of the Portuguese classical music magazine Glosas, of the second concert of XXI International Workshop Évora Cathedral Music School, last October 6th in Évora Cathedral.

Review for magazine Glosas online

Review for the online edition of the Portuguese classical music magazine Glosas, of the concert by vocal group Contrapunctus (dir. Owen Rees) last October 5th in Évora Cathedral.

Text on the Chapel of Évora Cathedral

The last decade of the seventeenth century and the first half of the next century saw two major construction works in Évora Cathedral. The first of these constructions was the new building to house the College of the Cathedral’s choirboys and the second a new main chapel for the Cathedral.

Water and Music

When one speaks of water and music, in most cases, the first association is, naturally, the Wassermusik suites by Georg F. Handel. Indeed these works have established themselves as canonic in instrumental music repertoire of Western music. But there are many other relations between water and music, one of them being the purification of the…

Music Round-Table at Cistercian Residency

Photo from the round-table “From Manuscript to Concert: The Monastico-Conventual Musical Heritage” that I chaired in the VI Cistercian Residency S. Bento de Cástris, a beautiful monastery in the outskirts of Évora.

VI Cistercian Residency S. Bento de Cástris

I’ll be participating in the VI Cistercian Residency at the Monastery of S. Bento de Cástris in Évora next September 21-22. This year’s edition is dedicated to the various dimensions of the monastic-conventual heritage.

Francisco Guerrero – Clamabat autem mulier

The music of Francisco Guerrero has been an important part of my musicological research. I worked on three of his motets that served as models for the same number of parody masses by Portuguese composer Duarte Lobo. I also sung a couple of works by him and listen to many. I find his music and…