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I have been a WordPress user and blogger for 10 years (2008-2018). But, unfortunately, this will be the last post in this blog. The recent “upgrade” of the WP editor does not suit my views for this blog. However, I will maintain the other blog I write – Fajãzinha Watermill – which will continue here, besides the now frequent boxes with advertising that also appear in this blog. I guess WP policies are heading towards a paid package for users and the free version will begin to have lesser features (I have seen this in other platforms). Since November 2016 I have been using Humanities Commons platform as a repository of my musicological publications (CORE) and my academic profile page. I have several research websites/blogs in this platform as well, only leaving CANTVM MENSVRABLE on WP. So, I’m moving to the following address:


This new website/blog is based on a WP template and the editor is an older version of the WP editor without some of the latest features which, going back to a 2013/2014 editor, to me are useless. The HC new blog has no “follow” or “like” button but comments are welcomed. I have tested it and, since it is based on a WP model, it can be added to the WP “Followed Sites” section, although you have to do it manually (inserting the url in the “Manage” – “Search or enter url to follow…”).


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  1. nicotano says:

    Dear Luis, I also do not like the new WP editor (see the diesis&bemolle home-page); now I have adopted “obtorto collo” and I have to hand-to-hand because some features are missing, eg. justified text. Too much work move more than two thousand articles (and nearly 6,000 links to video) on another platform.

    Start to follow you on the new WEB address.

    With best wishes, Nicola

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    1. Nicola, for a moment, I thought it was only me being to picky with the new editor… yes! that justified text function missing is not cool (it happens the same with this hcommons editor). I have only 500 posts on my blog and it is a lot of work, I can’t even imagine 6000… Thanks for following!

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