Paper at Congress Web of Knowledge

Next May 18th I will be reading a paper at the International Multidisciplinary Congress “Web of Knowledge: A look into the past, embracing the Future”, that will take place in University of Évora, May 17th-19th.

The paper is titled “The circulation of palestrinian music in Portugal in the beginning of the 18th century: The repertories of Elvas, Vila Viçosa and Évora” and will focus on the numerous sources of music by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina found in this three important historical Portuguese musical centres. Palestrina’s music circulated through these institutions mostly by two means: the first was by the copying of early-18th-century choirbooks (especially in the case of Vila Viçosa) from the “original” sources, probably the prints housed at King João IV’s Music Library in Lisbon; the second one was the acquisition of choirbooks copied by an obscure Spanish clergyman named Estéban López Navarro, who is author of more than two dozen volumes spread through Portugal, Spain and the former Spanish domains in the New World which include the Missa Brevis and an unique Missa Sexti Toni.

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  1. Hauntingly lovely music.

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