Articles for Glosas Magazine

The 15th issue (November 2016) of the Portuguese classical muisc magazine Glosas featured the publication of two articles by me. Although I’m a regular contributor to the magazine it is not mormal for me to have two articles in a single issue, but this time there were two almost irresistible themes.

The first article, which opens this issue’s thematic dossier is entited “Gaspar Fernandes: Between the Old and New World”. It follows some research I made in Évora’s archives about this enigmatic composer, one of the most notable in the New World. His roots are still very unknown since his name was very common for the time and his Portuguese nationalitty is yet to be confirmed. This article raises more questions than answers, and it is basically a cold vision of much national or even patriotic studies that want to make Gaspar Fernandes an American composer which, indeed, he is in terms of his musical production which was exclusive written for Guatemala and Puebla.

The second article is simply entitled “Frei Manuel Cardoso: On his 450th Anniversary”. 2016 saw the 450 years of the birth of Portuguese polyphony composer Manuel Cardoso. He was baptized on December 11th 1566. It is basically a biographical work on this composer based on the known writings about his life which were written by the Carmelite Order historian Frei Manuel de Sá in early eighteenth century.

Both articles are written in Portuguese and after digitisation the links for the Humanities Commons deposit will posted in the comments box below.




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