Chartres Cathedral

2016.06.29 Chartres (26)

Last June 2016 I was in Chartres with Ensemble Eborensis for a concert following the exchange program of Évora-Chartres, which are twin cities.. la ville jumelle like they call it there. The group spent four days in the city and gave a concert in the beautiful church of Saint-Aignan, one of the city’s principal churches with a programme of Portuguese polyphony of the seventeenth century.

I loved being there. There are at least five museums, one of which is dedicated to the stained glasses. Besides the Cathedral there are three main churches: the Abbey of Saint Pierre, the collegiate of Saint-Martin and the church of Saint-Aignan, where we performed. According to the organization, there were about 300 people in the concert, which is a lot for our group, since we are acostumed to have between 40-50 people for concert. Unfortunately, although I already asked several times, the organization did not send any and at the time we were concentrated in the concert, not in photos or videos… I was caught in this photo climbing the steps of the South entrance of the Cathedral. What an amazing place!


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  1. Congratulations on your successful concert. Are you planning to sing somewhere in Italy?

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    1. Thanks Claudio! Unfortunately, the ensemble is now inactive, mostly because of my academic work. For me it would be great to perform in Italy, amazing chuches.

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