Winter in São Jorge Island

Last week I travelled to São Jorge island on work. This is one of my favourite islands: the views are incredible (they remind me of my home island) and I have good friends there. The island has some of the most breathtaking views of the Azores, from the characteristic fajãs to lagoons and even caves. Although I caught a storm in the first two days the nexts days were of Summer weather.

2016.12 São Jorge (1)

The weather was not great when I arrived and it got worst the day after, as the photo above from the Port of Calheta shows. The next day the top of the mountain of Pico, in the front island of Pico, was all cover in snow due to low temperatures. This is a wonderful view from the village of Urzelina

2016.12 São Jorge (2)

 The following day was very sunny with higher temperatures, almost like a Summer day in the Azores. We were seeing some churches for the event and I had the chance to take some photos.


The first one is a small chapel located in a solar, known as Solar dos Noronhas, a noble family of Ribeira Seca. We had this year’s event there with a housed packed for the conferences and concert. The next day we went to the Church of Santa Bárbara, in the village of Manadas, which is under a extensive restoration of the ceiling by my friends’ conservation and restoration atelier. This is the actual appearance of the works, but the church’s interior is amazingly decorated with 18th-century art from top to bottom.

2016.12 São Jorge (4)

Next to the church there is a small fort that was used for defending the village’s nearby port. Although I was mostly working on the church’s musical archive in Calheta and seeing the places to house the event, this was a very nice travel to this beautiful island. I have also been in Terceira island and am now heading for Flores island to spend the holidays there.

2016.12 São Jorge (5)


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