Estêvão de Brito at Counterpint Meeting

Yesterday I received an email from Kevin O’Neill, organizer of the “Counterpint” sessions of “Polyphony down at the Pub”, a series of events that join polyphony enthusiasts to sing choral music in the pub while drinking some beer or other alcoholic drinks. In, my opinion this is a very relaxed informal way of spreading this repertoire that is still in nowadays seen as a sort of musica reservata only available to a few very-specialized musicians.

Counterpint meeting October 10th (source)

I had already written about this meetings in an earlier post, but the news this time is that the edition I prepared and kindly offer was included in this meeting’s programme. It was Portugues composer Estêvão de Brito’s (c.1575-1641) motet for Septuagesima Circumdederunt me (edition available here), for four voices. I am really happy of receiving great feedback about this work. Reactions to this sessions can be read in PDtP’s blog post about this.


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  1. nicotano says:

    Estêvão de Brito, spunto per un prossimo articolo su diesis&bemolle.

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