Plainchant Workshop Presentation

2016.09.17 Residência Cisterciense (2)

Photo from the brief presentation of the Plainchant Workshop during the last day of the Residência Cisterciense S. Bento de Cástris. I was singing, together with Octávio Martins, who directed the choral part of the workshop, a Magnificat in alternatim, a performance technique used for singing psalms and hymns, which divided the text in odd vs. even verses.


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  1. Trinity says:

    It would have been an interesting workshop to sit in on! I used to sing in a choral choir in music college, as well as a few other choirs (Madrigal, Classic, and Black Gospel), and have very good memories of those times. I still sing, and give vocal coaching lessons, but my main focus these days is writing novels… both are expressions of creativity!

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    1. Hi, thanks Trinity for your kind words! Indeed, singing is great for everyone and these workshops I have been doing are intended to just work on the chant repertoire… it is very easy to sing and people can express it very well. All best for your writing

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