Paper at Residência Cisterciense, September 17

I will be reading a paper tomorrow, during the IV Residência Cisterciense S. Bento de Cástris, which is taking place at the monastery of S. Bento de Cástris, Évora. The work is centered on the figure of a seventeenth-century master from Évora Cathedral – António Rodrigues Vilalva – and his relation with the monastery through his sister Isabel Batista who became a nun there in the mid-seventeenth century.

Unfortunately, no music survives from Vilalva’s known musical output. He was mestre da Claustra and, after some years in Lisbon and Évora, became chapel master of the Cathedral until his death around 1678 or 79. He was present during his sister’s dowry contract in 1650, atesting her qualities as a singer and harpist which exempted her from paying a dowry to enter that religious community.

This study I’m presenting follows this year’s theme for the Residência Cisterciense which focus on the relations between the monastery and the city of Évora.



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    Good luck then!

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