“La Mer” and Gaston Hurricane

I have been on holidays in my home island last weeks. Yesterday we had an alert that the hurricane “Gaston” was passing today. And it passed over the island with winds of about 100 km/h.

This morning at about 9am (local time) I went, as always, to the end of my street to watch the “show” of rough sea, since we can see quite a lot of the bay. I made a video and posted it on YouTube, adding as soundtrack the beautiful finale of Debussy’s first movement of La Mer.

The intention was to share it with my friends that don’t know the island, for them to understand me when I speak of bad wheather in Flores. I was very surprised when one of them say that it had appeared in the national news channel SIC Notícias.

The post is here, and my video is shown at 0:38. As a musicology I can hardly imagine having some time in a Portuguese news channel for sharing music. I guess I must persue a career as a storm spotter…


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  1. natalyadrian says:

    This reminds me of Alex in January. It was quite similar.

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    1. Yes! I have photos from the same spot, but this time the camera had a better video function :)

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  2. Riyueren says:

    Meraviglioso.Non ho mai visto l’oceano ,purtroppo.Questo video ne coglie l’essenza, anche con la musica.

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