Summer in Terceira Island

I have spent a week in Terceira Island (Azores) as part of my long-awaited holidays. This year I took some time to take photos of places I really enjoy in Angra do Heroísmo, which is a World Heritage city.

This first photo is very special to me: it shows the the building where I started my music studies. It’s the blue house at the right. In the center we have the Church of Misericórdia, where I sung with Ensemble da Sé de Angra in one of my favourite concerts with this group (videos here). At the left, near the palm tree, we have the new Public Library building that was embroiled in a lot of polemic. Lets hope it will become a great centre for studies.


This photo was the view I had in a very pleasant restaurant that just opened in Angra. It’s called Rota das Índias and, besides this amazing view over the Bay and Mount Brasil, the food is great and very cheap and the service – mostly by the owner herself – is very good.


This is the view from Room Garret (named after the famous Portuguese writer Almeida Garret) of Angra Public Library over the the side of Angra Cathedral. This was probably the last day I saw it since I will not return to this building until the movings that are now taking place to the new building. I did research in the Cathedral and the Library in 2011, and it was a quite a challenging experience for me since it was my first “field experience” after finishing my Degree in Musicology in the University of Évora.

2016.08.12 Angra do Heroísmo (1)

The following photo is from the Convent of S. Gonçalo in Angra. from the outside one does not imagine the richness of the interior of the church. Quite an unique masterwork in Angra (watch the video here). I was able to perform numerous concerts with Ensemble da Sé de Angra in this church although for polyphony the place is not very confortable.


This is the Castle of S. João Baptista (St John the Baptist), one of the two major fortresses of Angra. The castle was build during Spanish occupation and was named the of S. Filipe. After the 1640 Restoration it was named S. João Baptista following the rising to the Portuguese throne of the Duke of Braganza D. João. It is an amazing monument the circles the impregnable natural fortress of Mount Brasil. It also houses the church of S. João Baptista (the bell towers are seen over the walls), although not a rich church in terms of artwork it really worth seing, and also the church’s cript with the tombs of several of the castle’s governors.



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  1. natalyadrian says:

    What a lovely place! But then again, you know how much we love the Azores! Have fun :)

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    1. Oh yes, I do. :)

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  2. Muito obrigado for sharing this; a beautiful place and the choral works you produced in the Church of Misericórdia with it wonderful acoustics are superb. As for the restaurant Rota das Índias – I have just looked at their web site and several of their Prato do Dia’s. Que bom restaurante e muito barato! – here in Australia 7.50Euros would only buy you a 500ml glass of beer :(

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    1. Thanks! That church is really great for singing polyphony. I hope to return there some time. That is one of the great things about the Azores: everything is very cheap… and the food there is great!
      all best,


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