Paper at PhD Seminar, July 8

I will be reading a paper this Friday, July 8th, during the PhD seminar which ends my first year as a PhD candidate in Musicology at the University of Évora. The work concerns the study of style and possible attribution of five motets for Lent in an eighteenth-century choir book preserved at Évora Cathedral music archive.

This book comprises mostly music by late seventeenth-century composer Diogo Dias Melgaz, some of his finest musical works. The motets appear at the end of the book and are attributed in the manuscript to an Afonço Lobo, which was thought to be actually the Spanish composer Alonso Lobo. However, in my study I analyse both Lobos works and have reach the conclusion that these five motets are very late works, probably mid-eighteenth-century. I, then, give some possibilities to their authors based on the works extant in the Cathedral’s archive of Melgaz, and eighteenth-century local composers André Roiz Lopo and Francisco José Perdigão.


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