A brief moment from Ensemble Eborensis‘s concert last friday. We were in the Church of Aguiar, a village that received a letter of Foral from King D. Manuel 500 years ago, in 1516.

This was a very nice concert and the group was very well received by the comittee and the Mayor of Viana do Alentejo. This excerpt is from the Lamention by Manuel Cardoso (1566-1650) we sung in the concert. As you may know, every line starts with a Hebrew letter. This is the third lesson fro Maundy Thursday (Jod. Manum suam), the letter “Caph” starting the third section.


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  1. carlarbond says:

    Lovely. I just performed the entire three days of Victoria’s “Lamentations of Jeremiah” at St. Luke in the Fields in NYC last weekend. Such glorious music to sing. I love how the Hebrew alphabet was used for all of those Lamentations. Aleph…Beth…etc.

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    1. Victoria’s are quite something! Yes, they uesd to embelish the hebrew letters with much of the counterpoint artifices… Mostly a lot of suspensions in all voices


  2. gelsobianco says:

    An impressive brief moment of Ensemble Eborensis‘s concert.
    Thank you.
    Where can I find the concert?
    gb :-)

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