Encontro “Arte & Património”

Encontro Arte & PatrimónioNa próxima sexta-feira, dia 22 de Abril, irei ler a minha comunicação “Arquivos musicais: Estratégias para a sua organização e dinamização” no Encontro “Arte & Património”, promovido pelo Atelier de Conservação e Restauro de Obras de Arte S. Jorge e que terá lugar na capela do Solar dos Noronhas (S. Jorge, Açores).

Para além da comunicação, também estarei a cantar e dirigir o Ensemble Eborensis (na sua configuração para 3 vozes) no breve concerto de encerramento do Encontro.

Next Friday, April 22nd, I will read my paper “Musical Arquives: Strategies for their organization and dynamization”, in the Meeting “Art & Heritage”, promoted by Atelier de Conservação e Restauro de Obras de Arte S. Jorge that will take place in the chapel of Solar dos Noronhas (S. Jorge Island, Azores).

Besides the paper, I will be singing and conducting Ensemble Eborensis (in its 3-voice configuration) in the brief closing concert of the Meeting.

Solar dos Noronhas 2      Solar dos Noronhas 1


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  1. Steve Smith says:

    Looks like a great place!

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    1. Yes, it is! It’s almost paradise.


  2. natalyadrian says:

    Sao Jorge island! How much I love this place! Next year we will spend a month in Flores (your island), and then another month in Graciosa and Terceira. Amazing islands! Best, Nataly

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    1. Yes… it’s going to be a great weekend, full of music and among great friends, in that peace of heaven that is Urzelina :)

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      1. natalyadrian says:

        So, that’s in Velas, right?


        1. Yes, it’s half-way between Calheta and Velas

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  3. gelsobianco says:

    “What a beautifull place and what a great time” I’m thinking.
    Sao Jorge Island <3

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      1. gelsobianco says:

        Thank you.

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