Beer & Polyphony

I found this blog a couple of months ago. I must confess that the whole idea of singing polyphony while having beer in a bar is not new to me but the whole concept of organizing reunions dedicated to beer and polyphony is pretty crazy stuff.

Kevin O’Neill had this wonderful idea of mixing both these kind of “genres”. The result was the “Counterpint” meetings. There are only five rules for participating: “1) Arrive when you want, 2) Leave when you want, 3) Sing or don’t sing, 4) Drink, 5) Avoid parallel 5ths & 8ves.”

The next meeting is scheduled for March 30, and will feature music by Victoria, Palestrina, Padilla among other composers. So if you’re in London by that time and love polyphony and beer you must check this out.

Visit the website here


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  1. Michigan Man says:

    Sounds incredible

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  2. K O'Neill says:

    Many thanks for the kind words – we’d love to see you at a Counterpint or Polyphony Down the Pub session if you’re ever over London way!

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    1. Thanks! Yes, of course. It would be a very interesting experience!


  3. gelsobianco says:

    It is pretty crazy stuff.
    I love it.

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  4. trevwhitton says:

    I wonder if the lyrics are displayed on a screen for those who enjoy karaoke? It would be interesting to walk in towards the end of the night after everyone had had a few!


  5. Steve Smith says:

    This must be great!

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  6. I hope that horn fifths are allowed…

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