Duarte Lobo • Christe eleison

This video features the first Christe from Duarte Lobo’s (c.1566-1646) Missa Elizabeth Zachariae which was published in Lobos 1621 Liber Missarum, printed in Antwerp by Balthasarus Moretus at the Officina Plantiniana.

The Christe is for three voices (SAT) and the mass for five (SATTB). It is a parody (or imitation as you prefer) mass which takes as model Francisco Guerrero’s motet Elizabeth Zachariae for the feast of St John Baptist. One interesting aspect of this section of the Kyrie is that the imitation uses a motif by Lobo and not from the model which is first presented by the superius.

I was very happy to see this recorded – a first step toward greater things – because this mass, together with Missa Sancta Maria and Missa Dicebat Iesus (both also based on motets by Guerrero) were the theme for my MA thesis. The recording is from the concert with Ensemble Eborensis in the church of S. Vicente (Évora) 15 December 2015, where we presented an unusual programme featuring 3-part works and excerpts from larger works.


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  1. wdydfae says:

    Beautiful work and great site! I always put up sacred music at my blog for Sunday. Is it OK if I use videos of your performances sometimes?


    1. Thanks for your comment. You can post the videos you like. Most happy to share, thanks
      all best


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