João Lourenço Rebelo • Lauda Jerusalem a 16

Portuguese composer João Lourenço Rebelo’s (1610-1661) psalm Lauda Jerusalem, for 16 parts, is one of the most illustrative works of his music output and of his large-scale polychoral works. This work is a fine example of Rebelo’s compositional style. Its shows clearly the composer’s orientation towards the Venetian polychoral style (using the cori spezzati technique), rather than the Palestrina-orientated style of other Portuguese contemporaries like Cardoso, or Lobo.

The polychoral work, featuring four 4-part ensembles, is a mixture of vocal and instrumental elements, as frequently it is stated in the score, requesting specifically instruments. This work was published in Joannis Laurentii Rabello Psalmi, tum Vesperarum tum Completarum. Item Magnificat, Lamentationes et Miserere. (Rome, 1657).

This recording was made by Huelgas Ensemble, directed by Paul Van Nevel. I think it was the first CD specifically dedicated to Rebelo’s polychoral music… and sadly I assume we will have to wait a long time to see another discographic edition of this kind


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