On Diogo Dias Melgaz’s Salve Regina

Capella de Ministrers Sé de ÉvoraThe Spanish group Capella de Ministrers, directed by Carles Magraner, gave a concert last 3 October at Évora Cathedral during the XVIII International Workshop “Évora Cathedral Music School”. I had the pleasure of attend to it, and enjoyed the group’s interesting formation of soprano, viola, archlute and organ/harpsichord. The programme was great: works by Morales, Victoria, Guerrero, Cabezón, among others, and two Portuguese: Manuel Rodrigues Coelho (a tento played on the Cathedral’s Renaissance organ) and one of my favourite late-17th-century works: Diogo Dias Melgaz’s motet Salve Regina. The performance of Capella de Ministrers was quite interesting since I have never heard this motet with only the superius part being sung by voice and the other three by instruments. Quite different sonority.

After the concert, in a conversation with Carles Magraner, I just found out that the edition the group used for performing Melgaz’s Salve Regina was actually the edition I had prepared for Edições MPMP. Besides being a complete surprise to me, I was also quite happy to have my work being used by an international-renowned group as Capella de Ministrers. Thanks, and I hope this masterpiece of late seventeenth-century Portuguese polyphony will be performed soon.



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