Organs of Monção

Last 20-21 March I was in Monção (a city in the far North of Portugal) participating in a seminar related to the art, music and devotion in the Cistercian Order. In the first day I was able to visit the city (which is a fortress-city) and, luckly, some of its churches where my colleague António Marques photographed the three extant organs in the city. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the choirs and take a look at the instruments (or what is left of them…) and also didn’t find any bibliographial information of the construction dates and builders.

2015.03.20 Órgão Igreja Convento dos Capuchos (Monção)

The first instrument is in the Igreja do Convento dos Capuchos. Apparently, the instrument looks to be in good state, probably still playing.

2015.03.20 Órgão Igreja da Misericórdia (Monção)

The second instrument is in Igreja da Misericórdia de Monção. It doesn’t look like it is in function because some of the tubes from the façade are missing.

2015.03.20 Órgão Igreja Matriz (Monção)

The third instrument is in the Igreja Matriz de Monção. The instrument is in poor state of conservation. The church construction dates to the beginning of the fourteenth century, from the reign of King D. Diniz. Like many medieval churches in Portugal, it suffered profound alterations during the centuries.


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