Estêvão Lopes Morago • Jesu Redemptor a 8

In January 2013 I had the fortune to record this version of Estêvão Lopes Morago’s double-choir setting of the “refrain” for the litany pro Defunctis Jesu Redemptor. I’ve recorded it with Ensemble da Sé de Angra at Angra Cathedral during one of the group’s rehearsals for the concerts on 1, 2 and 3 February that year in Terceira Island. It was quite an interesting experience to join eight singers (1 singer-per-part) SATB+SATB and conduct the seven voices while singing.

I knew this work from the International Workshop “Évora Cathedral Music School”, where I sung it under the direction of Peter Philips, so it was quite a challenge to take the work, although it is now complicated, and rehearse it with amateur singers like me. Altough there are some flaws in this video (it was a rehearsal…) it is still the best version I came up at the time of this simple, but at the same time strinking work by Morago. Hope you like it.

In this performance Ensemble da Sé de Angra’s choir I is Carolina Barbosa (superius), Ana Sousa (altus), Luís Henriques (tenor) and Basílio Sousa (bassus); and choir II is Sara Vieira (superius), Raquel Barbosa (altus), Ricardo Costa (tenor) and Jorge Barbosa (bassus).


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  1. Chris White says:

    It may have been a rehearsal … but it was pretty close to heavenly.

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  2. My wife and I spent a week on Terceira and São Miguel in late May. Your blog is helping to rejuvenate my fond memories. Thanks for liking a few of my posts. For something perhaps up your comic alley, please visit:
    All the best to you and your efforts! Paul

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    1. Thanks! nice sketch :)


    2. The ensemble is no longer active, but you can find more videos, most of them recorded in the cathedral here:


      1. Thank you for the link. I had already stumbled upon it, almost by accident, simple exploring your blog. The images and sounds are beautiful; not only do they remind me of our recent trip, but they uncover good memories of my time as a monk before I got married. All the best to you and your work. pjl

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