Rodrigo de Ceballos • Aleph. Quomodo obtexit caligine

Rodrigo de Ceballos (c.1533-1581), as other Spanish masters as Juan de Esquivel, Alonso Lobo, have deserved little attention when compared to Victoria, Morales or even Guerrero. One or two works appear from time to time in a collective CD, as is the case of Ceballos’s Hortus conclusus, probably his best-known work. The only CD I know exclusively dedicated to the music of Ceballos is the recording made by Ensemble Gilles Binchois, sponsored by the Junta de Andalucia some years ago, where we can find this set of the Lamentations. This set of the Lamentations, the third lesson for Good Friday, uses a text prior to the liturgical reformations of the Council of Trent, probably following the Mozarabic rite.


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