Plainchant: Agnus Dei

EE logo2Video from the Schola of Ensemble Eborensis’s presentation during the II Residência Cisterciense that took part during 19 to 20 September in the Cistercian monastery of S. Bento de Cástris, near Évora. The concert of the Schola, in the Friday, was recorded by associação de ideias who produced this video. This Agnus Dei is of particular interest because of its combining (or “confusion”) of the ordinary of two different masses. In the termination “miserere nobis” it uses the chant melody of one mass and in the termination “dona nobis pacem” it uses the chant from another mass. This might of been the result of the eighteenth-century rebinding of the book, but later annotations in the staves show that it could also been an adaptation as well, which is quite curious and may raise an interesting discussion.

The first two Agnus are from what we now know as Agnus XV, indicated for commemorations and ferias of the Christmas season, with the first and and second repeating the first Agnus XV. The last Agnus uses the chant line from what we now know as Agnus XVIII (from the Liber Usualis), indicated of the week days during Advent and Lent. In the eightheenth century someone wrote under the “dona nobis pacem” termination in the manuscript the termination “dona eis requiem”, for it is also suitable for the pro defuctis mass. This is the second mass of the two indicated for the “days in which we work” and the “days in which we do not work”, the only two present in the P-EVad Ms 32


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