Estêvão Lopes Morago • Christus natus est nobis

polifonia1bThis Christus natus est nobis is the first of two polyphonic settings of the invitatory, which begins the office of Matins on Christmas Day, written by Estêvão Lopes Morago (c.1575-c.1630). It is a brief work set in triple-time, divided in two parts: the first comprising the text “Christus natus est nobis”, set in imitation, and the second with the text “Venite adoremus”, which acts like a sort of ripieno for the first part, reinforcing the invitation to the office.

This recording was made during July 2013 at Angra Cathedral. For this performance Ensemble da Sé de Angra is Carolina Barbosa (superius), Sara Vieira (altus), Luís Henriques (tenor) and Nelson Pereira (bassus).


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