Fernando Lopes-Graca • String Quartet and Piano Music Vol. 1

Lopes Graça - Complete Music for String Quartet and Piano Vol. 1As a committed socialist, the Portuguese composer Fernando Lopes-Graça (1906–94) faced repression from Salazar’s right-wing dictatorship: his works were banned and he was stripped of his official positions. Lopes-Graça responded in music, evolving a feisty, wiry Bartókian style that drew on Portuguese folk-music. This recording features Lopes-Graça’s own Bechstein piano, played by Olga Prats, who worked closely with him.


1. Canto de amor e de morte
String Quartet No. 1
2. I. Allegro moderato
3. II. Larghetto
4. III. Scherzo-Fantasia
5. IV. Giocoso
6. V. Epilogo – Adagio
Suite Rustica No. 2
7. I. Melancolico
8. II. Danzante
9. III. Scherzoso
10. IV. In modo di Ninna Nanna
11. V. Gaio

Olga Prats, piano
Quarteto Lopes-Graça

Toccata Classics (2014)


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