Guillaume de Machaut • Ite missa est (4) F-Pn 9221

Guillaume de MachautThis movie is part of a series of movies where Psallentes sings Machaut’s Ite missa est and Deo gracias (follow the links for the first, second, and third posts on this subject). In an introductory movie the manuscript page as a whole is on show (4.0). In related movies, each of the four voices can be followed in detail (4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4). The audio is always the same. Video 1 corresponds to the triplum, 2 to the motetus, 3 to the tenor, and 4 to the contra-tenor.

F-Pn 9221 is a fourteenth century manuscript (made in Paris, 1380-1395) containing poetry and music by Guillaume de Machaut. It also contains a version of Machaut’s Mass (there are five sources for the Mass). The first folio holds a rubric stating “Cy est le Livre de maistre Guillaume de Machaut, la ou sont les balades et chansons royaux et complaintes et rondiaux non mises en chant et plusieurs livres qui s’ensuivent, et après ce s’ensuivent lays et mottés, rondyaux et balades et virelays baladez, fais par ledit maistre Guillaume de Machaut et mis en chant..” There is also a brilliant ex libris, indicating that the book was made for Jean, Duc de Berry (or, at least, it was in his possession from early on): “Ce livre de Machaut est a Jehan, filz de roy de France, duc de Berry et d’Auvergne, conte de Poitou, d’Estampes, de Bouloingne et d’Auvergne. Flamel.”

The music has been notated in an usually compact layout. The Ite missa est/Deo gratias takes no more than a few square inches of velum. Consulted via (search term Français 9221) – Hendrik Vanden Abeele

[Whole source]






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