On Estêvão de Brito’s Music and Many Other Things

I’m sharing the first video from this new phase of Ensemble Eborensis (you can follow the group’s work on the blog or facebook), a group I created in Évora about a year ago and that was inactive during quite some time. Now we are back with quite a lot of will to restart our aim, which is to perform polyphony from Évora Cathedral. The group has no intentions of becoming “professional”, only to work as best  and try to revive as much unknown polyphony as we can.

This was a recording from our last rehearsal and it’s part of the programme we are preparing entitled “Masters from Évora Cathedral” that, besides Brito, also features music from Mateus d’Aranda, Manuel Mendes, Estêvão Lopes Morago among other composers related to Évora Cathedral. In this performance, Ensemble Eborensis is Ana Lopes (superius), Ana Lúcia Carvalho (altus), Luís Henriques (tenor) and Afonso Teles (bassus). Sorry for the low audio quality of the video. Hope you like our performance!


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