Clive Walkley • Juan Esquivel

Walkey-Juan EsquivelJuan Esquivel: A Master of Sacred Music during the Spanish Golden Age – Juan Esquivel was a cathedral choirmaster and composer, active in Spain during the period c.1580-c .1623 in which all aspects of the arts flourished, and one of the few peninsular composers of his generation to see his works published. He is known to have produced three large volumes of sacred polyphony – masses, motets, hymns, psalms, magnificats, and Marian antiphons – under the titles Liber primus missarum, Motecta festorum(both published 1608) and Tomus secondus, psalmorum, hymnorum… et missarum (published 1613); they reveal him to be a highly skilled craftsman.

This first full-length study of his life and works presents a critical assessment of the man and his music, setting him within the social and religious context of the so-called Counter-Reformation. Beginning by outlining the facts of his life, the book goes on to offer an analysis and assessment of his output.

Boydell Press (2010) (GoogleBooks)