Guillaume de Machaut • Ite missa est (3) F-Pn 1585

Guillaume de MachautThis is the third episode (first and second episodes) of the series of movies on the various sources of Guillaume de Machaut’s Messe de Notre Dame using, as an example, the Ite missa est.

This movie is part of a series of movies where Psallentes sings Machaut’s Ite missa est and Deo gracias. In an introductory movie the manuscript page as a whole is on show (3.0). In related movies, each of the four voices can be followed in detail (3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4). The audio is always the same. Video 1 corresponds to the triplum, 2 to the motetus, 3 to the tenor, and 4 to the contra-tenor.

F-Pn 1585 is a fifteenth century manuscript containing poetry and music by Guillaume de Machaut. It also contains a version of Machaut’s Mass (there are five sources for the Mass). It’s probably the youngest original source for Machaut’s Mass, and it is written on paper in stead of velum. (For that reason, I like to call it ‘Papier Machaut’.) In this Ite missa est, the four voices have been written out on the same page, very close to each other, line by line. Consulted via – Hendrik Vanden Abeele

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