Paper at “Residência Cisterciense, September 20

Residência Cisterciense 2013Next friday I’ll be presenting the paper “Matins for the Feast of St. Bernard” at the “Residência Cisterciense” at the Monastery of S. Bento de Cástris, Évora. As the title suggests, the paper revolves around the chants of Matins for the feast of Saint Bernard, following my transcription of several responsories from the Arouca Convent manuscript 25, of cistercian origin, probably made at the Alcobaça Abbey. During the presentation I will sung several excerpts from these responsories.

For me this paper was a challenge in many ways: first of all this is a theme out of my field of study (16th and 17th-century post-tridentine polyphony); second, the whole transcription of the musical examples was a big challenge as it is also a challenge to try to sing it! I’m not used to sing plainchant and these chants are quite complex.


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