Ensemble Eborensis, September 20

Residência Cisterciense 2013Next September 20 (after 14:00) I’ll be singing with Ensemble Eborensis at the “Residência Cisterciense” which will take part at the monastery of S. Bento de Cástris, from 18 to 21 September, which has the theme “the silence”. This will be a sort of “conference-concert” with commentaries by me and my former teacher at the University of Évora, Filipe Mesquita de Oliveira. In the first part of the concert we will perform several of the responsories for the Feast of Saint Bernard, which I transcribed from the 13th-century antiphonary Ms 25 extant at the monastery of Arouca.

We also plan a second part, with some polyphony from Évora Cathedral, comprising works by Mateus d’Aranda and Manuel Mendes.

Programme (provisory):

1.ª parte: Responsórios para a Festa de S. Bernardo
In timor Dei (Responsorium IV)
Odoriferum lilium (Responsorium V)
O oliva fructifera (Responsorium IX)

2.ª parte: Polifonia da Sé de Évora
Mateus d’Aranda – Adjuva nos Deus
Manuel Mendes – Missa Ferialis
– Kyrie
– Sanctus
– Agnus Dei
Manuel Mendes – Alleluia


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