Pedro de Cristo • Missa Salve Regina (Benedictus)

Recording of the Benedictus from Missa Salve Regina by Portuguese composer Pedro de Cristo (c.1550-1618). This is quite a unique mass, first because it is based on the known marian antiphon Salve Regina, although the richness of motifs and intricated counterpoint points more towards a parody mass, but with no model identified yet.

Secondly, because the mass is scored for four voices with the texture SAAT, unusual in Portuguese polyphonic works. In the Benedictus, the texture is reduced to three voices (SAT), and the imitation has a new leading motive, besides the one taken from the antiphon’s incipit.

In this recording Ensemble da Sé de Angra is Carolina Barbosa (superius), Sara Vieira (altus) and Luís Henriques (tenor), and the audio was recorded at Angra Cathedral, last 26 July 2013.


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