Transcribing, Performing

pater2Probably one of the musicologist’s dreams, is to see his transcriptions and music editions being performed… at least that is my upmost objective. During this Summer “holidays” I have been at work with several manuscripts and prints of sixteenth-century Portuguese polyphonic works. Here at Angra do Heroísmo – a UNESCO world heritage centre – this objective is becoming a reality.

Due to the fast working of one my groups, the Ensemble da Sé de Angra, we are doing several excerpts of works that I’m working on at the moment. The following video was one of the rehearsal recordings we did in the last days. This is an excerpt of the Benedictus of Pedro de Cristo’s (c.1550-1618) Missa Salve Regina. This looks like an imitation mass but I wasn’t yet able to find the model. It is written in high clefs and, in the Benedictus (for 3vv.) the voices are SuperiusAltus and Tenor. This was a great day because I transcribed it from the Coimbra manuscript in the morning and we recorded it by the end of the afternoon. Great musicological holidays! Hope you like it.


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