Manuel Cardoso • Magnificat Secundi Toni

Manuel CardosoThe version of the Magnificat Secundi Toni set to the even verses is probably one of Manuel Cardoso’s (1566-1650) most known works and certainly one of most recorded works. This work comes from the 1613 Cantica Beatae Mariae Virginis published in Lisbon at the workshop of Pedro Craesbeeck. The work is set to five voices (SSATB) with a second altus being added in the last polyphonic verse.

Regarding the harmonic uncertainty of this work, Peter Philips says that “Cardoso followed this with his most protracted working of augmented chord harmony, which, in conjunction with the uncertain tonality, provides one of the most colourful passages on the whole recording. In this setting Cardoso gave the Magnificat formula, surely a little tired by 1613 when this one was printed, a refreshing overhaul”.

This version is performed by The Tallis Scholars, directed by Peter Philips, and the work is included in their cd devoted to Cardoso, which includes the famous Missa pro defunctis for six voices.