Paper at Évora, October 18

D.-HenriqueTomorrow I’ll be presenting a paper at the International Congress “D. Henrique e as Múltiplas Dimensões do Poder no Século XVI” (“D. Henriques and the Multiple Dimensions of Power in the Sixteenth Century”). My paper is entitled “A Acção de D. Henrique na Prática Musical na Sé de Évora” (“The Action of D. Henrique in the Musical Practice at Évora Cathedral”), and it basically talks about the different documents, during D. Henrique’s ecclesiastical rule of Évora, concerning the music chapel and the Colégio dos Moços.

This will be one of my first activities as a collaborator of UnIMeM in the year we commemorate the 500th anniversary of D. Henrique’s birthday, one of our most important  figures related to music and, especially, with the music at Évora. One can have a small idea of D. Henrique’s concerns about music for, when he came to Évora for the second time in 1575, He brought with him as his private chapel master Manuel Mendes.

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