Concert at Évora Cathedral (2)

2012-10-07 Final Concert XV Jornadas

Photo from the concert of the participants in the XV International Workshop “Évora Cathedral Music School”, that took place from October 4 to 7. This photo is from the participant’s concert, the final stage of this intense 4-day workshop. I was singing in Choir I [fifth from the left], in the double-choir (SATB).

The repertoire featured Duarte Lobo’s the Missa Cantate Domino (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus-Benedictus and Agnus Dei) and the 8th Responsory for Christmas Verbum Caro Factum Est, also the 5-voice motet Pater Peccavi by Lobo, and double-choir Jesu Redemptor by Estêvão Lopes Morago. These works were conducted by Peter Philips (from The Tallis Scholars, seen in the photo), Paulo Lourenço and Armando Possante, some of the finest conductors of Portuguese polyphony.