Award from the University of Évora

Colégio do Espírito Santo (Évora)At the Day of the University (November 1st), University of Évora awards the students of each of the schools who graduate in that year with the highest grades. This year, I was awarded the Prémio de Mérito (Merit Award) of the Escola de Artes (Art School, which includes the Music, Scenic Arts, Architecture and Design departments).

This prize has a very special importance to me due to my “journey” from my home island to my degree in Musicology at UÉ. My closest friends know what I am talking of.

I must say that, although grades reflect the mathematical result of the students’s work, it can never be understood as the unique result of the merit of a student. Merit also comes from the high representation of the University (as a student) outside its walls. And also as former students who, through their work, elevate the prestige of this institution. My sincere thanks to the University for this award.


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