Orfeão da Praia da Vitória, November 11

auditorio_do_ramo_grandeNext Saturday I’ll be playing Antero Ávila’s Te Deum at Auditório do Ramo Grande (Praia da Vitória, Terceira Island). This time I will not be singing but playing clarinet in an instrumental group. The Te Deum is presented in this concert in a version for choir and wind ensemble. For me it’s a very special return to my amateur clarinet playing. I’ve put aside the clarinet when I entered Musicology at University of Évora.

This work was premiered by the choir of the former Conservatório Regional de Angra do Heroísmo (tenor) some years ago. I later played the clarinet part in the string version. Now I’m playing the clarinet part again in the wind version. This concert is integrated in the 4.º Festival de Coros do Ramo Grande and, as I mentioned before, I’m integrating the wind ensemble which accompanies the Orfeão da Praia da Vitória, who hosts this festival. If you are at Terceira Island do not miss this festival. There will be also more half a dozen other choirs and it’s a free-entry concert.


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