Ensemble Vocal Manuel Mendes, April 13

Tomorrow (18:30) I’ll be singing with Ensemble Vocal Manuel Mendes, directed by Christopher Bochmann, at the Sala de Actos of the Colégio do Espírito Santo, a former jesuit college that now houses the University of Évora. We will perform madrigals and chansons of the Renaissance, of composers like Orlando di Lasso, Clément Janequin, Jacob Arcadelt, Thomas Morley, Cyprien de Rore, among others.


Orlando di Lasso – Bonjour mon coeur
Clément Janequin – Le chant des oiseaux
Jacob Arcadelt – O felici occhi miei
Thomas Morley – First Book of Madrigals (1594)
– April is in my mistress’ face
– In every place
– Die now my heart
– Say, gentle nymphs
Pierre Passereau – Il est bel et bon
Claudin de Sermisy – Jouissance vous donnerai
John Farmer – Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone
John Bennett – Weep, o mine eyes
Cipriano de Rore – Ne l’aria in questi di
Clément Janequin – La bataille de Marignan
John Dowland – Come again, sweet love


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