Ensemble Vocal Manuel Mendes, January 11

Colégio Mateus de ArandaTomorrow (21:30) I’ll be singing with Ensemble Vocal Manuel Mendes, directed by Christopher Bochmann, at the auditorium of Colégio Mateus de Aranda, at Évora. We will be dividing this concert with the group of contemporary music, also directed by Christopher Bochmann. We will perform madrigals and chansons from the Renaissance of composers like Thomas Morley, Claudin de Sermisy, Clément Janequin and Orlando di Lasso.


Thomas Morley – April is in my mistress’ face
Claudin de Sermisy – Jouissance vous donnerai
Orlando Gibbons – The silver swan a 5
[works by the Grupo de Música Contemporânea]
Clément Janequin – Le chant des oiseaux
John Bennet – Weep, o mine eyes
[works by the Grupo de Música Contemporânea]
Orlando di Lasso – Bonjour mon coeur
Jean Mouton – Adieu mes amours
John Farmer – Fair Phyllis I saw