Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, February 27

Convento dos RemédiosI’ll be singing tomorrow (February 27), 18:00, with Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, directed by Pedro Teixeira, at the church of Convent of Remédios in Évora. This concert is integrated in the annual festival “A Quaresma na Escola de Música da Sé de Évora” (Lent in Évora Cathedral Music School) promoted by the association Eborae Musica. We will perform the edition I prepared of Manuel Mendes’s Missa Ferialis and the Introitus of his four-voice Missa pro Defunctis. We will also perform several responsories by Francisco Martins for matins office of Good Friday and Holy Saturday. There will be a brief introduction to this cycle by musicologist Jorge Raposo.


Manuel Mendes – Missa pro Defunctis a 4
– Introitus
Manuel Mendes – Missa Ferialis
– Kyrie
– Sanctus
– Agnus Dei
Duarte Lobo – Pater peccavi a 5
Francisco Martins – Vinea mea electa
Francisco Martins – Tristis est anima mea
Francisco Martins – Sepulto Domino
Francisco Martins – O vos omnes
Francisco Martins – Ecce vidimus eum


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