On the X Workshop “Évora Cathedral Music School”

This year’s International Workshop Évora Cathedral Music School (the 10th edition) was dedicated to Frei Manuel Cardoso’s Missa Pro Defunctis (generally known as the Requiem).

In the first day of work (October 4th), the morning session was dedicated to study the Introitus, Kyrie and Gradual under the direction of Peter Philips. The afternoon session started with auditions for the “small group” of “interpretation reinforcement” and the whole group studied the Gradual, Communio and Agnus Dei, this time under the direction of Armando Possante. At the evening, the Grupo Vocal Introitus, gave a concert at the cathedral, interpreting music of composers of the Cathedral’s music school like Francisco Martins, Diogo Dias Melgaz, Manuel Mendes, Francisco Velez and Manuel Cardoso and composers from other schools that influenced the Évora Music School like Tomas Luis de Victoria, D. Pedro de Cristo.

The second day’s (October 5th) morning was dedicated to the study of the Sanctus, Agnus Dei and the Gradual under the direction of Owen Rees. After, under the direction of Pedro Teixeira, the last part of the Requiem, the Libera Me, was studied. In the afternoon, under the direction of Armando Possante, was studied the Kyrie, Gradual, Agnus Dei and Libera Me. After that were asked some questions to the maestros concerning to the thematics that had been study. At the end of the day, in the cathedral, there was a concert by the Coro de Câmara da Universidade de Lisboa, which interpretated the Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae, the Magnificat (VIII tone) by Duarte Lobo and the Missa de Beata Vergine by Filipe de Magalhães.

In the third day (October 6th) was dedicated to the study of the small group parts and the whole group as well. At the evening The Hilliard Ensemble presented a magnificent musical program featuring a Mass of Guillaume Dufay and motets from Diogo Dias Melgaz, Estêvão de Brito, Estêvão Lopes Morago. An excellent performance, like usual.

At the last day (October 7th), in the morning the conductors gave the last arrangements in some sections of the Requiem and in the afternoon, after the rehearsal at the cathedral, was the concert. First was the Polyphonic Choir Eborae Musica, conducted by Pedro Teixeira, which sung motets from Manuel Cardoso, Duarte Lobo and the Sanctus from Missa de Beata Vergine of Filipe de Magalhães. After that was the performance of Cardoso’s Requiem by the students, under the direction of Peter Philips, Armando Possante and Pedro Teixeira.

Fr. Manuel Cardoso’s Missa pro Defunctis was performed in this way:
– Introitus (whole choir)
– Kyrie (whole choir and a small separated group)
– Gradual (whole group and a small separated group)
– Offertorio (small separated group)
– Sanctus (whole group)Agnus Dei (whole Group)
– Communio (whole group)
– Libera Me (whole group)


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