Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, October 7

Tomorrow (at 17:00) I’ll be singing again at Évora Cathedral. This is the final concert of the participants in the X International Workshop “Évora Cathedral Music School” that took place at the Convento dos Remédios (Évora). The participants will perform Manuel Cardoso’s Missa pro Defunctis a 6, that we have been studying with Peter Philips (director of The Tallis Scholars), Owen Rees, Armando Possante and Pedro Teixeira in tha last couple of days.

This is also the first concert of this Workshop I’m singing with Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, directed by Pedro Teixeira, who will perform music by Duarte Lobo, Manuel Cardoso and Filipe Magalhães in the first part of this concert.


Duarte Lobo, Frei Manuel Cardoso e Filipe de Magalhães
Manuel Cardoso – Aquam, quam ego dabo a 5
Manuel Cardoso – Domine, tu mihi lavas pedes?
Manuel Cardoso – Ecce mulier chananea
Duarte Lobo – Asperges me
Duarte Lobo – Pater peccavi a 5
Filipe de Magalhães – Missa de Beata Virgine Maria
– Sanctus

Manuel Cardoso – Missa pro Defunctis a 6
– Introitus
– Kyrie
– Graduale
– Offertorium
– Sanctus
– Agnus Dei
– Communio
– Libera me a 4


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