Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, May 28

Convento dos RemédiosI’ll be singing tomorrow (May 28), 19:00, with Coro Polifónico Eborae Musica, directed by Pedro Teixeira, at the church of Convent of Remédios in Évora. This concert will be broadcast for the Portuguese classical radio Antena 2 in the series “Concerto Aberto” (Open Concert). For me it’s the first time I’m singing live in the radio. We will perform Portuguese music from a variety of periods: from the Évora Cathedral polyphonists of the 16th and 17th centuries to 20th-century composers like Eurico Carrapatoso and Fernando Lopes Graça.


Polifonia da Sé de Évora dos sécs. XVI e XVII
Mateus d’Aranda – Adjuva nos Deus
Francisco Martins – Caligaverunt
Estêvão Lopes Morago – Oculi mei
Música do séc. XX
Eurico Carrapatoso – Ave Maria
Canções de romaria tradicionais portuguesas
Fernando Lopes Graça – Senhora do Livramento (Beira Alta)
Fernando Lopes Graça – A Senhora d’Aires (Alentejo)
Canções regionais portuguesas
Fernando Lopes Graça – O milho da nossa terra (Beira Baixa)
Fernando Lopes Graça – Camponesa, camponesa (Alentejo)
Fernando Lopes Graça – Na aldeia de Amareleja (Alentejo)
Fernando Lopes Graça – Canção da vindima (Beira Baixa)


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